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This graph shows the hourly prices and volumes on the Epex Spot hub and Nord Pool in France.

This data is provided by Epex Spot SE and Nord Pool AS.

In addition to this data, RTE provides a free "France Spot Electricity Exchange - negative or zero prices" notification service:

  • RTE alerts you by email in case of negative or zero Spot prices on the market.
  • to subscribe to this service, you need to have an account on the Customer Service Portal. If you do not have one, you can request to create an account.

Once your account has been activated, you will be able to access all the notifications offered by RTE on the Customer Service Portal, including that « France Spot Electricity Exchange - negative or zero prices ».

All accessible data ("Power exchange data") shall be the exclusive property of Epex Spot SE and Nord Pool AS or its subsidiaries. However, the User is authorised to download, print and use said data made available for internal and/or personal use provided that the source and the owner are indicated.

Any other use of Power exchange data by the User is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Epex Spot SE and Nord Pool AS, including:

  • any commercial use;
  • the creation of any financial instrument or reference index for external use or for the benefit of third parties;
  • copying, distribution, marketing, exploitation or use with or for the benefit of third parties.

The user acknowledges his responsibility towards Epex Spot SE and Nord Pool AS for compliance with these general terms of service by its employees, officers, service providers. 
Epex Spot SE reserves the right to audit the use of data by the user.