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+ At your request, RTE is relocating the metering installation.



  • Consumers
  • Distributors
  • Generators


Service description:

Outside of a connection operation, you wish to have your existing metering installation moved, for which the metering device and host structure are owned by RTE: you need to put in a request for RTE to carry out the service "Relocating a Metering Installation on Request of the Customer".

The following are eligible for this service

  • metering installations implemented to measure the injected and extracted energy flows taken into account to charge for the use of the transmission system or to individualise the energy flows generated and consumed;
  • metering installations installed to measure the energies transiting on a HVA backup power supply for which the DSO has entrusted RTE with management;

When the metering devices and host structures are the property of RTE.

The service offered by RTE consists of:

  • study of the preparation of the operation;
  • the physical moving or relocation of the metering device and its host structure with associated wiring;
  • scheduling of the metering device elements (if applicable), testing and commissioning of the relocated meter.

The service requires that you to lockout your high voltage structures.

How to subscribe or access the service

To qualify for this personalised service, you must:

  • hold a consumer or generator or distributor Transmission System Access Contract (CART), or an Additional Services Contract for the metering service;
  • contact your account request a commercial offer;
  • accept the commercial offer and associated payment terms;
  • anticipate and maintain works scheduling;
  • sign the update of your CART contract or the Additional Services Contract in the case of metering, according to the new location of the metering installation (updated diagrams, change in the loss coefficients in particular).

Service fee

A quote for this personalised service is made through a commercial offer specifying the deadline for completion.

Contract update fees (CART or Optional Services Contract) are not included in the quote:

Reference documentation

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:


For subscriptions or information, please contact your usual account manager or the generic email address of the customer service department for your geographical area.