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+ RTE is giving you access to its specific maintenance plan for submarine cables connecting offshore wind farms.


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What is the purpose of the maintenance plan for submarine power cables?

With the development of offshore wind farms and new interconnections with our European neighbours, RTE is developing an expanding offshore network within the French maritime jurisdiction.

With 35 years of experience in the operation of the IFA 2000 France-England submarine link and the expertise of its teams developing methods and tools for innovative and ever more efficient maintenance, RTE has a specific maintenance plan for the submarine connections of offshore wind farms.

The purpose of making this plan available is to inform offshore producers of the measures undertaken by RTE to minimise the risk of damage and reduce repair time. It is based on an optimised design of the subsea part of the connection, a suitable preventive maintenance and a corrective maintenance based on organisation, skills and intervention plans prepared upstream.

What is the submarine connection maintenance plan?

The maintenance plan includes:

  • The preventive and corrective maintenance plan, describing the means that RTE intends to implement to monitor, inspect and rapidly repair the underwater part of offshore wind farm connection;
  • RTE’s best estimates of the probability of occurrence of damage on the underwater part of offshore wind farm connection, as well as the associated repair times.

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