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The block exchange service allows balance responsible parties to trade over-the-counter, that is to say, to buy or sell energy blocks to a designated counterparty.

This counterparty may be another balance responsible party or a consumption site connected to the public transmission or distribution system which does not belong to the balance responsible party’s perimeter.

The parties then sign a two-party agreement, for which the conditions and prices are unknown to RTE. Only the volumes are declared to RTE, via block exchange schedules. If they are approved, these schedules are then recorded in the calculation of the balance responsible party’s imbalance.

The list of balance responsible parties is available here.

How to access the service

The block exchange service is an application called the PEB (block exchange scheduling, in French Programmation d’échanges de blocs), for the balance responsible parties.

Click here for information on the balance responsible party system and for information on the contract conditions.

To access the PEB application, you need to request a PKI certificate.


You will find documentation on the use of PEB in the links below:


Each non-zero validated block exchange schedule is charged €7.50 per counterparty and per direction  for a day D.

These costs are integrated in the balance responsible parties’ monthly management fees invoice.


For any questions, please contact your usual account manager or

Summary of PEB rules