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This service allows all customers who have entered into a contract or participation agreement with RTE to:

  • Consult contract documents,
  • Download contract documents individually or in bulk,
  • Search for a contract document using filters/sort/enter,
  • Bookmark contract documents,
  • Subscribe to an email notification as soon as a new document is available.

These features are available on the perimeter(s) for which you are authorised.

Consult contract documents

The table of contract documents (contract parts and annual balance sheets) is accessible from the "My Contracts" tab. This table shows all of the contract documents of a given company and establishment, with no limitation of dates.

The data displayed in this table are:

  • Type of contract (single CART, additional services, DSO agreement, etc.)
  • Establishment
  • Type of document (contract annex, contract amendment, annual balance sheet, contract, special contract conditions, operating contract, connection agreement, certification contracts, RTE-DSO certification agreements)
  • Name of document
  • Date of effect (new field that applies for documents posted on-line on or after 20 July 2021. Prior to that date, the date of effect entered for the documents is the same as the signature date)
  • Date signed (entered for all documents except annual balance sheets)

You have the option to bookmark contract documents (via the icon in the "Favourites" column of the contract documents lookup table).

You can also subscribe to a notification to receive an email when a new contract document is available.

Downloading contract documents

The "My Contracts" service allows you to download contract documents individually or in bulk:

  • The unit download is done through the table of contract documents by clicking on the icon in the last column "Download",
  • Bulk download is possible via the "Download my XX documents" button on the left of the screen below the filter/sort criteria (XX is the number of documents viewed and downloaded). Use the filter/sort criteria to narrow your search and limit the number of documents to be downloaded in bulk. It is not possible to download more than 50 documents at a time.

What you need to know

If your account is linked to more than one company and/or establishment, two filters in the upper left corner are available to select the company and establishment for which you wish to view the contract documents.

Your Service Portal administrator can configure your company’s users’ access rights to the service via the "Administration" menu, "Groups" page.


For subscription requests, please contact your company’s administrator responsible for running the Service Portal.


For additional queries, please contact your account manager.

For any technical issues, please contact RTE's Customer Hotline by email ( or by phone (0810 80 50 50).